It's been fun

Man, I had a great time on vacation!  I've never seen anything as beautiful as some of the places we went.  The water was blue, the sand was white and CLEAN, and the food was endless, haha.  I probably gained ten pounds just over the course of the week.

While on the cruise, I was thinking about my blog (gay I know).  I started this blog with the intentions of just writing my thoughts and opinions on the paladin class, what I learned about warcraft, and occasionally, whatever else.  However, since then, I have changed, my interests have changed, and my passions have changed.  During the course of this blog, I've gotten engaged, found new interests in the tech and gadget world, and rediscovered my love for console gaming.

I'm abandoning this blog.  Sorry I threw it out there like that, but I suck at beating around the bush.  I've been using tumblr for about a year now and have become quite fond of it.  It's more of a social network than a blog hosting site, but I find it more enjoyable personally, which is the whole point right?  I'll still be writing, but it will be more in the form of a media stream than what this blog has been.

I have no idea how many people look at this blog anymore, or who finds anything I have to say worth a damn, but if YOU do, please feel free to follow me to my new home here.  Thanks for the ride all, it's been fun, and I met some great people who are truly gifted at putting their thoughts onto paper (er, screen).  I hope to see yall on the flip  :)


  1. I really enjoyed your blog. Don't delete it. I delete my first blog and regret it still. I'll read you at other site, but will miss this little space you made. I'm going to write a post about you today. When a blog from a good person closes it's doors, it is sad. You atleast, will still be writing and that is good. I'll miss the Smashie tho!

  2. You will be missed here Smashie. I always looked forward to your posts. You always gave good feedback to any questions as well. Good luck on your new adventures!!